Offering organized youth athletic programs

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July 2020




1. Do not arrive to fields early for practice.

2. Arrive to fields 30 minutes prior to game times. Communicate this to opposing teams.

3. No teams can play in Yorktown that are not in phase 3 of the reopening.

4. There is an outbreak in Chappaqua so contact coaches from that area to make sure there is no connection.

5. Supply your team with sanitizer and wipes.

6. Players should social distance in dugouts and spread down the baselines.

7. Parents need to sit in the outfield. Foul pole to foul pole. Parents need to social distance.

8. No parents in dugouts at any time.

9. Between DH’s players should stay spread out on the field or in dugouts.

10. No sharing of equipment.

11. Speak to opposing coach and Yorktown should supply baseballs when they are on defense.

12. Use thermometers for Yorktown teams.

13. If kids are sick send them home.

14. No spikes at Granite Knolls.

15. No gum or seeds in any dugout or on any field. Let opposing teams know this.

16. Masks are needed when possible.

17. Keep mound visits to a minimum.

18. If you see an opposing player is ill speak to the coach immediately.

19. Sick parents should stay home.

20. 3 players in the dugouts and one coach. Everyone else should be down the baselines for both teams. Let teams know this in advance.

21. Make sure dugouts are clean. Do not have someone else clean up after you. It's unsafe. If garbage cans are full take the garbage with you.

22. Coaches are responsible for both monitoring the home and away dugouts.

23. Only official coaches on the field. I would like to keep it to (3) maximum.

24. Scorekeepers should sit outside the dugouts.

  1. Coaches must wear masks at all times.

  2. No spitting on fields our in dugouts

  3. Communicate rules to opposing coaches and parents prior to games.

  4. If coaches do not agree to the rules please postpone game.


Please use  this link for information about COVID 19